Dictation 57 - Pueblo Indians


Dictation 57 text

Some archeologists from a museum came to the Pueblo Indians. The men dug up a buried village, with many pieces of broken pottery and some wall paintings. When Maria saw the broken pottery, She wondered about the women who had made it. She found small pieces of shiny black stone in the ruins. She knew that they had been used to polish the pottery, for she used such stones herself. As soon as her husband saw the pottery he noticed the strange patterns drawn on the surface. He began to try to copy the delicate paintings.
The museum director found out that Maria could make beautiful bowls. He wanted to buy her work to sell at the museum. He also asked her if she could mend some of the broken old ones. When she brought back the first mended bowls, the delighted director gave her many more to do. A new world opened up for Maria and her husband, a world in which they could really use their creative ideas. They both had the opportunity to reproduce the ancient Indian art and recapture the beauty of the past.