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Learning a foreign language with the dictation method is extremely efficient!


What are the benefits of the dictations?

- dictations make the students and the teacher aware of the comprehension errors of the English language student --phonological, grammatical, or both. (students often have problems with the plural, the possesive case and past tenses)

- dictations shows student the spelling errors they make.

- dictations give students practice in comprehending and transcribing clear English prose.

- dictations give students valuable practice in notetaking. English language college students may already be in courses in which they must take notes of lectures delivered in English at normal speaking speed. While no one should take lecture notes that are exact transcriptions, learning to write spoken language quickly is an essential college skill.

- dictations give practice in correct forms of speech.

- dictations can help develop all four language skills in an integrative way.

- dictations help the students to develop short-term memory.

- dictations can serve as an excellent review exercise.

- dictations are psychologically powerful and challenging.

- dictations foster unconscious thinking in the new language.

- if the students do well, dictation is motivating.

- correction can be done by the students and this is very useful for memorizing.

- dictations can be prepared for any level.

- the students, as well as the teacher, can get instant feedback and see their errors.

- dictations can provide access to interesting texts.

- knowing how to take dictation is a skill with "real world" applications. Many jobs demand accurate understanding of spoken orders (phone agents, dispatchers, administrative assistants, etc.). Also, the U.S. citizenship exam requires examinees to take a dictation.

- dictation can be a good indicator of overall language ability.

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